About Us

Amazing Beading was founded by Sharon Lee, who began creating jewelry for herself because she couldn't find anything in the store that she liked or in her desired price range. She thought to herself "maybe I'll create something that is classy, sophisticated and upscale that will not deplete my bank account." And that was the beginning of Amazing Beading. 

Amazing Beading has been around locally since 2007 with great success and has built up an amazing customer base by just selling Jewelry. As we continue to grow we will be expanding our line to other accessory products such as jewelry bags, custom packages (jewelry and hankies), Bridal Party Packages and much more.

Please continue to check back with us each week for more products.

If you don't see what you're looking for, then contact us so that we may be able to create it.

Please check in with us @ www.Facebook.com/amazingbeading & @amazingbeading on Instagram. 

Please post how you styled your Amazing Beading items on Instagram using hashtag